Dec 15

It’s no secret that I love Orla Kiely’s designs.  A couple years ago, I fashioned a dishtowel into a bag because it had her beautiful pattern on it.  When faced with a blank-canvas iPhone case made to be cross-stitched, I settled on erinsy’s simple design.


I found my case at Connect Design, although I’ve seen them at Purl Bee as well.  I got one for Evan, but he can’t decide what he wants on it. He’s leaning towards these Monty Python characters by Wee Little Stitches on Etsy.  Of course, only a few characters will fit on the case.  But I think it’s brilliant.

Sep 09

Remember me?  I was having an industrious second trimester, and then I got tired.  That, and I’ve been busy getting Emily ready to start school.  Yep.  My 4 year old is in Pre-K now.  I can hardly believe it.

So now I have a little extra time every day to do stuff.  Whatever that may be.

Yesterday, I made a doll for my dear friend’s baby who turns 1 next week.

Lula's Baby

She’s based on Hillary Lang’s sweet “Bonneted Baby” in Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love.  I adore Mrs. Lang’s book.


I made the “Mermaiden” doll for Emily a couple months ago–at the height of my industry.  Emily wanted the doll to look just like the picture. :)

Lula’s doll, however, is quite different from the original doll.

WIP: Lula's Baby

She’s almost entirely hand-stitched.  And I changed some details to make her more “Lula.”  Although, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lula in a bonnet.

Lula's Baby

So I guess having a 4 year old in Pre-K and a 3 year old who still naps could work out well for me.

At least for the next 2 months before the New Baby arrives. :)

Jul 13

This striped baby softie is from the “Mooshy Belly Bunny” pattern by Chez Beeper Baby.  I love Holly’s blog and free projects–she’s got taste!  And this project is a refashion too.  Talk about frugal!  Holly used old T-shirts for her bunny; I used a thrifted Old Navy shirt (that was a bit heavier than a T-shirt) and some scraps of quilting fabric.

Mooshy Belly Bunny

Upcycling can be chic, ya know. :)

Mooshy Belly Bunny

Although… I fancy my bunny has just broken out of jail.

Silly bunny.  The fate that awaits him may be far worse than any prison sentence for stealing carrots.  Jail-Break Bunny is about to become Chewed-On-Spit-Up-On-Washed-500-Times Bunny. :)

Jul 01

Baby Sundresses

The obsession continues.  While on vacation, I found myself at the Carter’s outlet store in Williamsburg where my mother-in-law and I got a little excited to say the least.  Coming home, I realized that (as fun as it is to shop for baby, and I really do mean that) I can totally sew up some clothes that are just as adorable as Carter’s.  That won’t stop me from shopping there again (I live about 40 miles from the outlet).  But maybe I won’t blow the baby budget out of the water. ;)

I drafted a pattern for these little dresses using a Carter’s romper for basic measurements.  Otherwise, I’d be lost.  I have no idea how big a 6 month old is anymore.  Since the straps are adjustable, these should fit for quite a while.  I could even add a ruffle to the bottom if Baby gets too long.

I’m a bit surprised by how much having a baby inspires me to make stuff.  I have an ever-growing list of things I want to make, and I’m scouring my craft book library once again.

Craft Books

Seen here: Fanciful Felties by Samantha Cotterill, Zakka Sewing by Therese Laskey & Chika Mori, and Creating Vintage Style by Lucinda Ganderton.

Jun 16

We found out that we’re having a girl on Tuesday around 5:30 PM.  That was less than 2 days ago.

Fabric and Baby Clothes

I have since covered the dining room table in fabric, sewing supplies, and girly potential.

Yesterday, I made reversible bibs to match outfits I bought from Target.
Patchwork Bibs

Obsessive much?

I’m just getting started.  Some projects on my list: these little shoes, this bunny, and this pretty sunsuit.  Oh, man.  Perhaps I should take it easy.

But it’s just too darn exciting! :)

Jun 01

In case you’re wondering, this is what the belly looks like these days:

17 Weeks

I’m 17 weeks along, and all is well.  My energy level is much improved, which means I want to do things like paint the living room and clean up the backyard.  I will say that I hate taking my vitamin every day.  Ladies, is it common to feel that way?

I’ve been researching bento boxes too.  Emily starts preschool in the Fall, and I want to send healthy, happy lunches with her each day.  Bento lunches seem to embody all my ideals, plus they are an exercise in creativity.  Here’s a great post on Parenting to get you inspired.

While I’m sharing links, here are some great blogs that are new to me:

  • I’m crazy for Pink Friday, a Swedish blog with lots of color and cheer to go around.
  • Emily Henderson won Design Star on HGTV and now has a show of her own.  I like her blog.
  • Nana Company has lots of pretty patchwork and inspiration.
  • Bare Wunderbar is another fabulous Swedish blog with beautiful interiors and inspiration drawn from a variety of sources.

And some shops I’m loving right now:

  • The Wheatfield, which you’ve probably seen, has the most beautiful watercolor prints I’ve seen anywhere.
  • Pop Chart Lab is perfect for the nerd in your life, be it you or your man or your best friend.  There’s something for everyone.
  • Need a new clock?  How about an old one instead!  Clockwork Universe has some of the most adorable vintage clocks I’ve seen gathered together in one shop.

Finally, I’m fully addicted to Pinterest now.  How did it take me this long?!  You can find me here.

May 25



May 20


Emily helped me choose all the fabrics and the size and the buttons… She decided her doll needed earrings when she found these mismatched flower buttons in the button jar.  I love almost everything about this.  But I will admit that the combination of the heart-shaped mouth and the yellow skin makes her look a little bit like a baby chick.  Alas, that was my mistake.  I talked Emily into the yellow fabric for her body.

Emily doesn’t care.  She doesn’t see anything wrong with the doll.  And I think she is in awe of me for the first time in a while.  That is something I can appreciate coming from my sassy little lady. :)

Emily and her Doll


May 19

Doll Designing with Emily

Emily and I are making a doll together.  I just love her drawing, and I hope I can replicate it (with her help) in fabric.  She really wants the sparkly crochet thread in there somehow.  Can’t wait to share the results of this creative collaboration! :)

P. S. I’ve seen dolls made from kids’ drawings before.  Here is one of my favorites.

May 17

Inspired by Dottie Angel, I crocheted a little banner last night.


I looked at the quilt top I made for Jacob, considered finishing it, and decided I needed a different craft for the evening.  Crochet was just the thing.  I sat on the sofa, crafted, and listened to Lenka on Rhapsody while Evan played Call of Duty.