Jun 04

Featuring su-weeeet red buttons. :)

For this shirt, I used Simplicity 2922, although I altered it tons.  This red seersucker fabric came from Joann’s, and I agree with Jen (who posted an adorable seersucker dress today) that you have to finish your raw edges so the fabric doesn’t fray too much inside the garment.  It’s probably not the finest seersucker in the world, BUT… who cares?  I love this top.

I left off the pockets from the pattern because I wanted to tuck it into shorts and skirts, although I think the pockets are pretty grand.  Maybe if I make a dress version…

I think this is my new favorite.

28 Responses to “Summer Wardrobe Revamp: Red Seersucker Top”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Oh it’s so cute! It looks so nice an comfy and stylish. I really like the red buttons, too. It looks really well made :)

  2. Shannon Says:

    I love the top! It looks great on you!

  3. Julija Says:

    Lovely skirt!! the fabric, the buttons, the pattern, … so nice

  4. Catherine Says:

    What a great top! The seersucker looks so comfy yet stylish in a slightly vintage way.

  5. Heather R-R Says:

    Oh my gosh - not just seersucker, but RED SEERSUCKER. Did you crawl in my brain and pick my favorite? I love red seersucker so much, but now I completely envy this top! Good job. :-)

  6. Chaucee Says:


  7. Sara Says:

    that is incredibly flattering on you. Congratulations on a wonderful piece! Have a great weekend.

    (I just bought some cornflower-blue-checked seersucker to make my boyfriend a shirt, so seersucker is on my mind too!)

  8. elissa Says:

    love the two way striping and a dress version would be SO great….

  9. nadine Says:

    Another amazing creation! I wish I had one!

    x nadine
    little lovelies

  10. Tiff@ThreePeas Says:

    WOW i love it! It has a vintage feel to it!

  11. jen Says:

    adorable! i love it! i think the fabric weight is perfect for a loose, summery top.

    i might have this pattern, i must check now!

  12. rebecca Says:

    what a GREAT top! Love the buttons. I just made a shirt with little green buttons all in row at the top like that. ( :

  13. jessica Says:

    Seersucker is my favorite…I was just eying it at Joanns yesterday.

  14. jen jafarzadeh Says:

    oh wow, this is so darling! love the seersucker.

  15. anenthusiast Says:

    Gorgeous photos! Who takes them for you? So glad to have found your blog
    anenthusiast x

  16. Kate Says:

    very cute! Perfect fabric for this top too!

  17. Tracy Says:

    it. is. CUUUUUUTE.

  18. Jean Says:

    Just adorable- great photos too!

  19. geri e. Says:

    oh wow. i am thinking that i need to get me a sewing machine ASAP and figure out some stuff because this is just THAT darling! (you are fantastic.)

  20. Glorygirl Says:

    I think it’s pretty magnificent! I LOVE this fabric, I almost bought this exact color at Joann’s a few weeks ago… I may have to go back and actually pick it up.. it’s stunning! I love the way it looks… super vintage-y… and hecka cute! great job! ;)

  21. dana Says:

    I LOVE it! Great pattern and I’ve been very into sear sucker recently too.
    Looks adorable on you. You’re so good about sewing for yourself.

  22. Beth Says:

    Very cute! I love the horizontal stripes on top.

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    […] a look at Kristena’s blog for detail shots of her top. You can also check out more of Kristena’s clothing sewing on […]

  24. Kimberly Says:

    That looks so great on you! Excellent work!

  25. amanda Says:

    I *love* it! Love the photography, too. Must check out that pattern…

  26. Gill Says:

    I love this top - I’m hoping to track it down in the UK

  27. Florence Says:

    This is completely adorable…and I was about to say what a wonderful pattern it is, but then realised that I’ve had dealings with Simplicity 2922 myself before…and they were sticky dealings indeed, so not surprised that you made lots of changes.

    I love it in the seersucker…and also tucked into the shorts. The shorts are gorgeous too.

    Florence x

  28. andrea Says:

    I may just have to try this one~too cute!

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